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What is bottleCONTENT®?

BottleCONTENT® is a tool that connects producers and consumers to protect their love of wine and favorite fruit brandies or hard liquor. Consumers are able to verify product authenticity, find information about the food and drink pairing, read professional and consumer reviews, and much, much more. By logging in through your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or registering a new bottleCONTENT® account, you are able to keep track of your favorite wines, recommendations and write reviews, etc.

When it comes to authenticity, bottleCONTENT® portal together with our patented method provides unique protection of the product by assigning product fingerprint to every bottle produced. We can guarantee authentcity, botanical and geographical origin of the product tested and displaying our tracking label.

Join us in order to promote the quality and authenticity of the products that we consume.

Our method is also capable of protecting strong spirit producers when it comes to counterfeit products.

With bottleCONTENT® portal available at the point of purchase consumer can get the information about the product they are considering, and can easily detect whether it is the original brand or not.

The illegal production and counterfeit products have a significant impact on legitimate producers, threaten consumers by putting sub-par and potentially dangerous products on the market. 

This unique scientific method uses stable isotopes of hydrogen and can conclusively prove a natural and authentic origins of each alcohol. 

Today, the production technology went so far that versed technologists can make products created from sugar and water looks like it was made from grapes. These types of analytical measurements are very specific and sensitive, and provide a unique "fingerprint" for every wine.  Technologists, no matter how versed, may be able to fool our taste, but will never be able to recreate isotopic composition, which are natural characteristics of raw materials used in authentic product.

 Producers and consumers

Thanks to our patented method and bottleCONTENT® portal, consumer will be able to determine with certainty the origin and quality of their favorite beverage and avoid forgeries.

The possibility of obtaining information about the product and verify its authenticity before buying decision empowers consumers and protect their investment. It differentiates your product from everyone else on the shelf

It is enough that a customer enters the store, scans bottleCONTENT® label located on the bottle with their smart phone, and obtain the information about authenticity and other product details.