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Each wine has its natural markers that appear in nature based on grapes used to create it. These markers are specific to grape variety, location that they come from and process used during production. Each wine from specific vintage and specific geographical location has its own specific, different and unique relations between stable isotopes. These relationships represent wine isotopic fingerprint, which cannot be falsified or adulterated. With our patented methodology we can analytically prove and protect authenticity, botanical and geographical origin and give value to your wines.

Compared to wine, botanical and geographical origin does not make sense for strong spirits as the raw material is not specific to a region it comes from. However, the final product has the same isotopic markers that are used in determining product authenticity.

Using our bottleCONTENT® labels on your product you can ensure consumers are getting the authentic product. You will differentiate yourself from the rest of the producers and show the consumers that you care…

Before any product is entered into our database and is assigned authenticity, botanical origin, or geographical origin designation it has to be tested using our patented fingerprinting method.  This ensures that every bottle produced is authentic, protecting both producers and consumers.

Come join us in an effort to protect consumers and producers from counterfeit products.  Create an account on bottleCONTENT®, register and test your wines and spirits with us and we will protect, differentiate, and help you promote it. 


To see how bottleCONTENT® labels work