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What does bottleCONTENT® package includes?

  • Laboratory testing of the product and taking the isotopic fingerprint products using SG Isotech’s patented EIM - IRMS® methodology  (laboratory tests are performed at Cornell University Stable Isotope Laboratory, Ithaca, NY)( This information represents added value to the product);
  • Sensory evaluation of the products;
  • Obtaining of official laboratory report with the expert opinion of specialized experts in wine isotope testing and product authenticity (you can see the example of laboratory test report here);
  • Formation of web page at bottleCONTENT® website for the product with the parameters from laboratory reports to a given web page of the test products;
  • Entering additional information about the product and wine producer on formed bottleCONTENT® product’s web page (type of product, year of harvest, methods of production, varietal composition and blending, prices and awards, sensory evaluations and recommendations, pairing food with wine, rating by consumers of wine, etc.);
  • Multimedia ( video, Google maps show the location from which the product comes from);
  • Generated tamper-proof tracking bottleCONTENT® labels with identification and verification marks for authenticity and appellation of origin with unique QR codes for every bottle produced with the ability to scan on mobile phones at the point of purchase;
  • The integration of each bottleCONTENT® product with Facebook, Twitter included , Google+, Instagram, et al., And analytics of social networks;
  • Linking of multiple brands of the same producers;
  • Tracking analytics for every single bottle on the market and the protection of original brands;
  • Protection of geographical indications of wines;
  • Issuing of reports with feedback and online analytics on how the product is marketed on the basis of the number of scans for each bottleCONTENT® labels ( locations where they have been scanned, time, which is produced when the same customer was also interested in how much a bottle is purchased using bottleCONTENT ® labels, etc.);
  • Connecting producers and consumers at the point of purchase