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WineUS Project 

Dear Wine Producers,

BottleCONTENT® together with Cornell University Stable Isotope Laboratory (COIL), Ithaca, New York, has launched a project for promoting US wines.

The goal of this project is to differentiate US wines by mapping them to specific geographical region and assigning authenticity to every bottle of wine. To ensure authenticity and protect producers and consumers we utilize isotopic fingerprint method that cannot be counterfeited or reproduced.

The information about every bottle of wine will be available online through bottleCONTENT® website. This would allow consumers to get information about the product, winery, and verify authenticity of wine being considered at the point of pruchase. Consumer will also be able to read and post product reviews, add wine to his/her favorites, have direct access to producers and much more.

How the project works:

  • Wine producer would send a sample representing a specific wine for testing
  • COIL will perform the laboratory test to obtain unique fingerprint
  • Results will be shared with the producer and entered into our database
  • Information about the wine will be available to consumers via bottleCONTENT® portal
  • There is also an option to issue secure temper-proof tracking labels with unique codes to be adhered to each bottle. This will differentiate the product by allowing consumer to scan it with the smart phone and quickly obtain information about the wine.

Producer benefits:

  • Authentication and secure labels will help you differentiate your product from everyone else on the shelf. By performing analysis of the final product using EIM-IRMS® method, the producer will obtain a unique fingerprint of their product.  This fingerprint cannot be replicated, giving the producer the ability to protect their wine from counterfeit wine that will tarnish their reputation and take away revenue. (Click to view example of Laboratory Test Report)
  • Gain consumer confidence in your product. Wine sales are tied directly to the consumer’s perception that they are purchasing a quality product.  By having their wine tested using EIM-IRMS® method, and having certification of authenticity that is visible and verifiable at consumer’s fingertip, the producer will be able to gain consumer confidence and elevate their brand.
  • Brand protection. Brand damage due to counterfeiting wine is very serious. Wineries spend significant marketing dollars to establish their brand image. The brand value in awards, independent evaluations and personal recommendations is critical to establishing a market presence. When a customer buys a counterfeit product of significantly reduced quality, they may no longer buy or recommend the product, and may even recommend against it.  Even reading about an issue with counterfeits is enough to create uncertainty and doubt in the buyer's mind.  Using EIM-IRMS® method producer can combat counterfeit market and protect it’s brand. Certification that will allow for easier export by having proof of authenticity, geographical and botanical origin
  • Market environment and consumer trends. Using bottleCONTENT® the producer will have intimate knowledge of market environment and consumer trends.  Our tool will allow the producer to maximize revenue; ability to understand market needs and follow distribution of their product. 
  • Marketing. Using bottleCONTENT® labels the producer will be able to directly market their product to the end user and with detailed information about the product, ensuring consumers they are getting the quality product. To see how bottleCONTENT® labels look like click here. (We emphasize that the label layout and design can be customized to the clients wishes)
  • Complete information about the wine and winery is available to the consumer. Website will contain information like: type of product, year of harvest, methods of production, varietal composition and blending, awards, sensory evaluations and recommendations, pairing food with wine, rating by consumers of wine, etc.

Consumer benefits:

  • Ability to verify authenticity at point of purchase by simply scanning secure label with a smart phone
  • Obtain detailed information about wine being considered
  • Ability to read and leave product reviews
  • Add wine to their favorites


Typical cost of analysis to obtain isotopic fingerprint is $400.  Cost of secure temper-proof label is $0.20 per bottle.  Project is partially funded by SG Isotech, LLC - the inventor of fingerprinting method.  Therefore the cost of testing is reduced to $100 and $0.10 per bottle for the labels. 

Producer can choose not to get the labels for their wine, but we would highly recommend them, as they are a great marketing tool and can be used to track and obtain market information about their product.

We hope that you will see a value in our project and will decide to support it.  If you would like for your wine to be a part of the project or would like to receive more information please contact us.

Payments are made via PayPal.  If you are interested in participating please download the form,  fill it out and send it to us. We will send you the invoice and the instructions on how to send your wine.


For more information contact us via email –



COIL and bottleCONTENT team