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Research on consumers needs
Please take a few minutes to complete this anonymous survey. This survey is part of our effort to understand consumer needs in order to improve the information we provide. We hope that we will have the opportunity to be at your disposal again in the future. Your bottleCONTENT team.
How much do you typically pay for a bottle of wine?
What do you base your purchase on?

How do you make a decision which bottle of wine to purchase? Is it based on price, recommendation, what the label looks like, awards received, region the wine comes from, information available about the wine, or the brand?

Do you pay attention to any certifications that are on the bottle?

If you came to the store to purchase a specific bottle of wine, and saw a certificate of authenticity on a different bottle, while the bottle you were looking at did not contain  one.  Would you consider it? 

What percentage of wine on the market do you think is counterfeited?
Would you like to be able to find out information about the product before purchase?

Would you be interested in learning more about the wine you are considering, if this information is available at the point of sale?  Information like authenticity, origin, appellation, botanical origin, geographical origin, consumer feedback, food pairing, etc., at point of purchase.

Would you scan a QR code on the bottle in order to find out if the product is authentic?

Would you more likely purchase a bottle with or without detailed information?

If complete information about the product was available to you, from an independent third party at the point of purchase, would you choose the bottle with or without the information.

Would you have more respect for the producers that are giving you the ability to verify the product authenticity?

Would you pay more for a bottle of wine with this information?

Do you think consumers would be willing to pay a little more for a bottle of wine in order to ensure they are getting quality product, and be able to verify it's authenticity at the point of purchase?

How much?

How much do you think this this information would be worth to the consumer?

Would you consider a recommended bottle of wine?

Bottle of wine that you love is not available at the store.  Would you consider another bottle that has the same characteristics based on recommendation?